The Little Rooster’s Blog is turning one!

The first anniversary of the Little Rooster’s Blog is approaching! Time flies when you enjoy what you do, doesn’t it?

First, I want to thank you for following my cartoons and posts.

In the past I tried different ideas for my cartoons but I really wasn’t satisfied with the results. So this time I wanted something different that would last.

I struggled with the whole concept for this blog. I wanted to share my passion, yet to make it attractive to a wider audience.

I also needed it to be visible. I published my cartoons in several media such reddit, facebook and twitter. I was severely criticized and told I lack of humor and quality in my work. 

What of a humility shower that was. I won’t deny that it hurt my pride And was discouraging at first.

I learned a few important lessons:

It doesn’t matter how much I try, Iwon’t please every single person. I decided to let my creativity flow in the way I know best instead of trying to force it into certain kind of humor.

But, I also need to improve the quality of my material for you to enjoy.  I’ll work hard to do this. I want you to read the blog and leave feeling you received something positive from it, even if it’s just a smile.

I found a core idea for the blog that I’m happy with.

It won’t be exclusively cartoons. Cycling and martial arts are also my passions and I’d like to introduce you a little more to those fascinating worlds if you let me.

That’s what I’ll share with you. It’s about all adventures and experiences.

My family is the most important part of my life, my support and inspiration. You’ll see some of those adventures here, too. A note here: I’ll respect my wife and son’s privacy so they’ll only be represented with cartoons.

Finally, I’ll keep the main website for larger blogs, my portfolio (I do designs by comission from time to time), and my cartoons archive. For shorter posts, I’ll just keep using of social media.

Again, thank you. All of you who read me and enjoy my cartoons make this possible. And don’t worry, there’s much more Little Rooster’s blog to come.

As always, feel free to contact me anytime.


Rodrigo (Garnisé-The Little Rooster)

P.S. I may change the layout of the main website and do an overhaul so stay tuned!